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Bull's-eye Communications Services

Communications Services to Help You Educate

and Motivate Your Target Audience

At Bull’s-eye Communications, we understand the challenges involved in generating well-written editorial content and marketing materials. We know the challenges you face with short-staffed marketing departments, aggressive deadlines, and compliance reviewers. In short, we feel your pain!

Let us make your job easier. Stretch your marketing department's capacity by outsourcing your communications projects to Bull’s-eye Communications. Our seasoned writers, editors, proofreaders, and designers can create the high-quality editorial content you need to educate and motivate your target audiences. Our services include:

Editing & Proofreading

We provide copyediting and proofreading services that can clean up your copy and help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. If your firm is fortunate enough to have the in-house resources needed to produce high-quality editorial content and marketing communications, your work could still benefit from a second set of eyes and an objective opinion. We specialize in proofreading large volumes of employee benefits communications.

Newsletters, Case Studies & White Papers

Well-written newsletters, case studies, and white papers provide a reliable and effective way to educate your target audience. But to be effective, you need to deliver compelling content on a regular schedule. If your in-house resources are stretched too thin, our team can fill the gap.

Bylined Articles & Press Releases 

Traditional media outlets are always hungry for well-written, educational content from trusted sources. That’s why publishing bylined articles in trade journals, blogs, and other media channels is one of the most effective ways to promote your firm’s expertise. We'll work directly with subject matter experts at your firm to develop compelling content.

Retirement Plan & Benefits Communications 

We help retirement plan administrators, TPA firms, and plan sponsors write, edit, and proofread their benefits communications. Whether it’s a transition brochure, fund action letter, or annual enrollment package, we can help you create flawless communications that will educate and motivate employees and participants.

Shareholder Reports & Market Commentary

Our team of independent industry veterans provides commentary that reflects your firm’s brand and educates your shareholders. We interact with fund managers in a courteous, knowledgeable, and professional manner. We conduct interviews with maximum efficiency to ensure you meet your deadlines. 

Marketing Collateral & Graphic Design

We create visually compelling reports, white papers, manuals and other collateral that clearly communicates your value proposition and your brand. Because we're small and nimble, we can turn your projects around more quickly than your in-house agency may be able to do. 

Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing is a smart, cost-effective way to deepen your customer relationships and generate referrals. It’s less expensive than direct mail or advertising. It saves time, and most important, it works. Through our partnership with Constant Contact, we offer you the industry’s leading email-marketing tool.