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Bull's-eye Communications History

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The idea for launching a virtual agency that specializes in providing high-quality editorial and graphic design services came to me during my stint as the editor of Fidelity Focus and Fidelity Outlook magazines from 2000-2005. 

During the five years I served as editor, we relied on a corps of freelancers to write most of the content for the magazines. We also hired custom publishing firms to provide strategic direction, graphic design, and editorial oversight.

One of my biggest sources of frustration during this time was the inconsistent quality of the writing and editorial content we received from some of our freelancers and our custom publishing partners. While we often worked with experienced writers and magazine design professionals, it was clear that some of the freelancers had little working knowledge of the financial services industry. They just did not “get it.”

It soon became apparent to me that other financial services providers faced the same challenges. Whether they were producing mutual fund shareholder reports, case studies, newsletters, white papers, or marketing collateral, there was a real need for experienced writers who understood the nuances of the financial services industry. As a former Series 7-licensed broker who had also worked on
 the operations side of the brokerage business, I felt that I was uniquely prepared to offer this service.

This realization led me to leave the relative comforts of my corporate job at Fidelity Investments and launch Bull's-eye Communications in 2005. Since then, our team has specialized in creating customized content and providing editorial and graphic design services for our valued clients.

If you share our passion for creating 
high-quality communications but either lack the in-house resources to get the job done or are looking for a second set of eyes, please contact us or call me at 774-719-2324 to discuss your needs.